Innovative Reproductive Technologies

    A world leader in developing and implementing new techniques for embryo transfer

    Boviteq offers reproductive and genetic solutions to clients across the US from its world-class In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) lab in Madison, Wisconsin.

    Working with Accredited OPU (Ovum Pick Up) centers, clients can take advantage of Boviteq's innovative reproductive technologies. “Our goal is to make available a range of options to enable breeders to optimize the reproductive career of their elite animals and manage the genetic advancement of their herds,” explains Boviteq's Director of Embryo Operations and R&D, Dr. Patrick Blondin, Ph.D.

  • Dr. Shantille Kruse, Ph.D.
    IVF Program Liaison

    As the IVF Program Liaison, Dr. Shantille Kruse is responsible for veterinary collaboration and technical inquiry related to OPU/IVF services.

    Shantille was raised on a diversified sheep and cattle operation near Tecumseh, Nebraska. Being actively involved in the livestock industry since childhood was extremely influential on her career ambitions of serving the cattle industry and its stakeholders. She earned her B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Nebraska, followed by her M.S. in Biomedical Science at the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Lab at Colorado State University. There her research focused on improving cryopreservation techniques for both in vivo- and in vitro- produced bovine embryos.

    Dr. Kruse then earned her Ph.D. in Reproductive Physiology from the University of Minnesota while utilizing OPU/IVF technologies and embryo recovery and transfer to study the impacts of nutrition on oocyte quality, uterine function and early embryonic development.
    C: 402-239-2833

  • Dr. Patrick Blondin, Ph.D.
    Boviteq Director of Embryo Operations and Semex’s Director of Research & Development

    As the Boviteq Director of Embryo Operations and Semex’s Director of Research & Development, Dr. Patrick Blondin manages an embryology laboratory (focuses on in vitro fertilization, embryo freezing and genomics) and a semen laboratory.

    Dr. Blondin earned a PhD in Animal Science 1997 at Laval University, and then went on to complete a two-year postdoctoral internship at North Carolina State University, studying the effects of in vitro culture on fetal development. He then joined Boviteq as an Industrial Research Fellow to assist in the development of novel reproductive technologies.

    After a short time working as a Director of Clinical Research in human reproduction, he returned to Semex in 2003 as Director of Research and Development. In 2014, he became Director of Embryo Operations for Boviteq overseeing the in vitro fertilization platforms in the embryo laboratories in Canada and the US.

    Dr. Blondin is a member of: Scientific Committee of the Quebec Research Network on Reproduction (RQR); Board of Directors for the research network EmbryoGENE; President of the International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS) Board of Governors. Additionally, he is an associate professor with Université Laval and Université de Montreal, co-directing many young scientists undergoing graduate studies.

    Dr. Blondin brings far-reaching knowledge linked to scientific developments in reproduction and has authored or co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed articles in areas of reproduction and genetics.
    T: 450-774-7949 ext 5100
    C: 450-513-1312

  • Paul Krueger
    Vice President, Global Marketing and USA Sales

    In addition to his role as Vice President, Global Marketing and USA Sales, Paul works collaboratively with Boviteq to ensure strategic sales alignment and takes a lead role in client relationship management.

    Paul Krueger rejoined Semex in 2009 to take on the challenge of repositioning Semex in the USA market. Since then, Paul has transformed Semex to be a client solutions focused business and the fastest growing AI company in the USA.

    Paul has over 15 years of business relationship and sales management experience within the dairy industry. After graduating from University of Wisconsin-Platteville with a B.S. in Animal Science, Paul started his career in the AI industry with responsibilities for sales initiatives and sales management. He then gained key account management experience working with large herds while employed with Monsanto and Cargill before rejoining Semex in his current management role.

    Paul brings grassroots knowledge of genetic advancement strategies to the Boviteq IVF services team.
    C: 559-904-1692

  • Brad Sayles
    Vice President, Product Development and Genetic Solutions

    In addition to his role as Vice President, Product Development & Genetic Solutions for Semex, Brad assumed the role of Embryo/IVF Marketing and Client Management in May 2014. Brad works closely with the Boviteq management team, ensuring all aspects of Boviteq's IVF services align with strategic corporate objectives and initiatives.

    Brad joined Semex in November 2007 as Director of International Sales & Business Development, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Australia & New Zealand. He continues to work within these countries, servicing these key clients in addition to his marketing leadership responsibilities.

    Brad has a lifetime of dairy industry experience beginning as a Sire Analyst for United Breeders; Marketing Manager at Gencor (precursor to EastGen), and Marketing Manager at Holstein Canada.
    T: 519-821-5060 ext 1111
    C: 519-635-2200